Selling Real Estate

Selling your home can seem like a daunting task. Whatever the reason for your move, there are steps in the process that are essential to be sure you and your home are best prepared. On this page I reference a checklist of items to help you get organized.

Inspect your home: Hiring a professional home inspector can potentially make you more money in the end. A home inspector is going to give you the same type of report that they would give a potential buyer about your home. This report will help you address some of the items that may not be obvious to you and can in turn help avoid further negotiations from your buyer.
Stage your home: Make sure you are preparing your home and positioning it in the best light to show off its potential. Keeping your home clean and decluttered are basic things that you will want to partake in. Repairing any issues and freshly painting tired or worn areas are also going to help prevent your home from looking like there is deferred maintenance.

Utilize my resources: Not sure of a painter who can freshen up your home? Need a moving company to store your additional items as you declutter? Rest assured I can help. My years of experience and contacts are extended to you. I have many preferred professionals from repairs to staging that I can connect you with as your home is being prepped for sale.

Keep it clean: Once all of your prep work is done and your home is officially on the market, be sure to maintain its condition to tip top shape. It is important to keep it showing perfectly during public and broker open houses as well as any individual appointments that are booked at miscellaneous times.

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